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The Transfer of innovation concept will be implemented by the planned project at national level in adapting the identified innovations to the linguistic context of the countries concerned. Hence the curriculum and training material of COMPETENCE COACH professional development programme will be available in all languages of the partner countries (DE, EN, FR, IT, EL, CZ, LT). Moreover the project consortium aims to achieve a national certification of the training programme in each country and therefore needs to adapt the innovative content to the national VET systems.

For this purpose each partner will network with national decision-makers responsible for the development of a coherent guidance training strategy in order to guarantee the development of a training that fits within this strategy. By doing so the project wants to avoid remaining an ad hoc initiative that depends on the good will of individuals. The sectoral implementation of the Transfer of Innovation concept will be realised by networking within the CEDEFOP virtual guidance community and other umbrella initiative and associations as IAEVAG, FEDORA. By doing so the project results will be noticed by the European guidance sector and might be transferred to more European countries.

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